About Rimrock


Rimrock Capital Management, LLC is an SEC-registered Investment Advisor that focuses on multisector, hedged fixed-income strategies.



Rimrock's investment philosophy is built around an extensive fundamental, bottom-up analytical process. We also incorporate our view of the business cycle and credit cycle in our investment process. We engage in a relative valuation analysis that seeks to identify undervalued investments with favorable risk-reward characteristics. Rimrock's process incorporates conservative default and recovery assumptions, stress testing, and our extensive investment experience.

Investment Approach

Rimrock emphasizes a value-oriented, multi-sector fixed income approach with robust risk management at the center. Our focus traverses across the fixed income landscape with the goal of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns over an investment cycle.

  • Value Value oriented approach
  • Average Short average-life securities
  • Capital Disdain for capital loss
  • Diversification Diversification through expanded opportunity set


Rimrock is committed to operating in a socially responsible manner consistent with best practices. We incorporate responsible investment principles into our investment analysis and decision making process.


Rimrock believes that our greatest asset is our people and is committed to their well-being and development. Rimrock is 100% employee-owned and about 40% of employees have equity in the business. Our motto of "one rope team" originated from this photo taken in 1998 by our founder while scaling the summit of Huayna Potosi in Bolivia.
Rimrock Mountain